Raw Audio Profile

My interviewing experience was fairly easy and relaxed because I interviewed my friend Caleb Tillapaugh. We did the interview at Caleb’s apartment, so there was no one around or a lot of ambient noise to cause distraction during the process. The interview was pretty easy, I just prompted Caleb with a couple questions about his vacation; he was comfortable and spoke with ease.

Interviewing with the audio recorder was not as hard as I thought it was going to be at all. It was interesting to be the interviewer because you get to make people open up to you. I liked being on that end of the interview more than being the interviewee. When I was being interviewed, I felt like I rambled which I did not like. I also find it strange to hear the sound of my own voice on a recording device.

I learned that being in a comfortable setting without distractions is extremely important to having a successful interview. It helps so much when you can have the full attention and focus of the interviewee. Also interviewing in a quiet setting without much ambient noise is really helpful, so you don’t have to edit it out later.

I enjoyed interviewing Caleb because he is my friend, so it was fun and easy. It was interesting learning about his travels and experiences as well. I also enjoyed telling him about my travels because he made it really easy to open up.

I wish I had planned out my questions better, because there was one point where I blanked for a minute and Caleb had to help me out. I should have had the questions written down in front of me, instead of doing the interview by memory. Overall, my interview with Caleb went smoothly and without hassle.

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