Audio Profile Critiques

Jessica Peck: I really liked your edited audio profile. I
loved the subject of why your interviewee loves her hometown of Denver, CO. It
was interesting, and it was very smooth. I could barely tell where you cut your
interview down; the transitions were very clean and natural sounding. There was
no background noise that I could hear which is a really good element of your
interview. I could hear the interviewee very clearly. I honestly did not see
anything that needs critiquing in your audio profile, great job!

Patrick Pajak: Your edited audio profile is really good. I liked
that your edits were smooth and clean. I could not hear any noticeable background
noise. I liked the subject of the interview because I am also a journalism
major, but everyone might not be as interested in the journalism field. Maybe you
could have had him talk more about the sports aspect of his internship because
more people are interested in sports than journalism. The volume on the
interview could have been a little bit louder; I had to turn the volume up on
my computer to hear the interviewee clearly.

Marie Smith: My audio profile was a lot choppier and not as
clean as I wanted it to be. I wish I would have left more time in between
questions so I could have edited them more smoothly. I also wish there wasn’t
as much background noise in my audio profile. I learned that I need to give
myself more time on my next edited audio profile so that I can be sure the edits
sound clean and natural.  What surprised
me most about this assignment was the amount of time that it took to properly
edit down a five minute sound clip. I underestimated the tedious nature of audio

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