3 Story Ideas

Caleb and I had one idea to feature and interview local artists.
We want to see what inspires them around Laramie, show pictures of their work,
and pictures of the process. I think this story would be interesting
because there is so much amazing artwork around campus and downtown; it would
be great to show the faces behind the art. We would interview a few artists,
an art professor, along with the vendors downtown that buy and display
the artwork.

Another story idea is to feature the Big Brothers Big
Sisters program in Laramie. We would interview people who work there, people
who volunteer there, and also some of the Littles. This story is important
because not a lot of people are aware that this program exists in Laramie, and
is a great way to help out someone in the community.

The last story idea is to cover the study abroad program at
UW.  We would find information about the
program like: what do you need to do to study abroad, requirements, how much
money it would be, and where you could go. I think this story is interesting
because the study abroad program is a great program that students should take
advantage of while they go to school here at UW. Not many students know how
easy and affordable it is to study abroad, and it would be helpful to bring the
facts to light. We would interview students who have studied abroad, Ruth
Shepard (who is the study abroad coordinator) , and some exchange students that
have chosen UW as their host school.

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