Group SoundSlides Project Critiques

I really liked the photos of Rhanden Lind and Tracey Rosenlund’s “GrotesquesSoundSlide project. I thought the photo quality was amazing and filled with very interesting and relevant images.

  • Audio critique: I thought that there was quite a bit of ambient noise during the interview that made it difficult to understand what the interviewees were saying. I think they did a good job with the cuts;
    they were clean and smooth.
  • Photo critique: I thought the photos were extremely well done and very creative. The quality was amazing and the photos
    were synchronized with the audio very well.
  • Storytelling critique: I thought that the story flowed very well between interviewees. I think it ended well and not too

I think the story and photos were really well done in Zak Bolender and Justin Trygg’s  “Wish Upon a Zombie“. The zombie walk was timely and a fun and interesting story.

  • Audio critique: I thought the audio flowed well and the ambient noise in the beginning was relevant. I could hear the interviewees clearly, and the cuts were clean. The only time the audio was off was at the end when someone kept talking and then it ended abruptly.
  • Photo critique: I thought the photos were fun and flowed well with the audio. The subtitles at the bottom were a bit small,
    but other than that the photos were well done and creative.
  • Storytelling critique: I thought the story flowed very well, and was easy to follow. However, the story ended abruptly.

I liked the subject of the story for Zach Greubel and Peter Stevens’ “Mitch Kunce: A Brewing Artisan in Laramie“. The Library Sports Grille and Brewery has been around for a long time, and I love it, so the story really interested me.

  • Audio Critique: The first interview was fairly easy to hear, with just a bit of background ambient noise, but I could barely
    hear the second interview (of the bar patron) because there was too much background noise that it drowned him out. Other than that, I liked the ambient noise of the beer pouring.
  • Photo critique: I really enjoyed the photos in this project. I thought they were creatively done, and loved the ones of the
    individual beers; they looked so good!
  • Storytelling critique:  I thought the story flowed nicely, and I appreciate that someone highlighted the man behind the brews finally.  It was a very interesting story.  I think the story ended abruptly.

After viewing other student’s work, I learned how to set up more creative photo shots. Instead of shooting something straight
on, get a different angle or get someone while they are talking and look

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