Individual SoundSlides Project

Here is the link to my SoundSlides project.

My SoundSlides assignment highlighted the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Laramie, Wyoming. I interviewed the regional director, Barbara Humphreys, and the site based coordinator, Marsha Halbach. The purpose of the assignment is to provide basic information on Big Brothers Big Sisters, such as: their main goals, activities they participate in around the community, and how to get involved if one is interested.

Working alone for this project was definitely more challenging than with a partner. I had to work harder with the audio editing this time, because Caleb was more skilled at it last time. I liked working with a partner better than working alone because I felt more organized and at ease with a partner.

It was interesting to interview the ladies behind the Laramie branch of this organization; they truly care about making successful matches and seeing the children thrive. It was really inspiring to talk to such passionate people about the organization. It was also great to learn more about the organization that I have been working with for almost a year.

Barbara Humphreys and Marsha Halbach told me that their biggest problem with Big Brothers this year is that they do not have enough male volunteers. I was surprised to hear this, and hope that this project will inspire more men to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I struggled with the second interview because the audio is significantly quieter than the first interview. I also struggled with pictures for this project. I ended up using older pictures from past volunteering experience that I took and thought were relevant and worked with the story. I would change some of the photos if I could, and go back and ask Barbara Humphreys to speak up in her interview. I would also work a little longer on the audio editing portion, because there are a few choppy sections that I was not completely pleased with.

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