Final Blog Post

I have learned many new computer and multimedia skills through this class during the semester. I have never been tech savvy, but I now feel comfortable uploading audio, pictures, and text to programs like SoundCloud, Audacity, and WordPress. I never thought I would be able to write an html code, but I feel like I learned the basics of the coding of an internet site.

I learned how to edit audio and make it smooth and clean as opposed to my choppy edits at the beginning of the semester.  I will most likely use uploading sound clips, photos, and text to websites in my future endeavors, as well as editing audio.

I want to write for a major music magazine one day, preferably Rolling Stone, so I will be using web reporting and “writing in chunks” in the future. I feel like I have developed the skill for online writing by using short and precise sentences, because online readers are more like online scanners.

This class did not necessarily help me choose a career path, but it definitely taught me many skills that I will most likely use in my future career, while boosting my confidence in the ever evolving world of technology.

The skill I wish I had learned in this course is video editing. I have played around with video editing on a minor scale for some projects in high school, but I wish I could have practiced more and become skilled at adding music to videos, creating smooth transitions, and timing certain frames to beats.

My favorite project this semester was probably this last one, because I got to choose a subject that I am really passionate about, and explore the live music scene in Laramie even further. I loved going to shows and taking pictures and experiencing the surprising amount of live music that Laramie has to offer.

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